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    Special Projects
Formed in 2005 to accommodate past and future clients with a requirement of design and construction services for small to mid-size projects. In general, projects comprise of:
  • Office reconfigurations
  • Retail build-outs
  • Small building additions
  • Tenant improvements
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Building core upgrades
  • Site improvements
  • Fully Engineered Re-Roof Solutions
    – Energy efficiency upgrades
    – Metal over any existing roof
    Both eliminate leaks, add insulation values, and can be completed with minimal interruption to your business
The Special Projects Group is highly capable and trained to:
  • Mobilize quickly
  • Build with minimal documentation
  • Squeeze dollars out of tight budgets
  • Proficiently navigate occupied spaces
  • Deliver, even under tough deadlines

The Group brings the commitment and responsiveness of a small contractor with the expertise and purchasing power of a large construction company. This includes a responsive in-house design service, sustainability leadership, financial strength, building maintenance programs, and an exceptional Health & Safety Management System. Often referred internally as the “special ops” construction team, it is delivering premium results and greater value to past and new clients on a daily basis.

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    Industrial Services Division

Scott Builders’ Industrial Services Division specializes in projects that are unique or outside the traditional scope of a construction project.

Main market segments targeted by this group include (but are not limited to):

  • Mining and smelting
  • Cogen plants
  • Oil sands properties, oil refineries & upgraders
    – Bulk fuel stations
    – CNG conversions
    – Chemical plants
    – Pulp, Paper or timber mills


  • Production and processing plant
    – Food
    – Agricultural
    – Municipal water/sewer treatment facilities
  • Plant Site Maintenance

These projects tend to be remote and require a higher level of safety and quality control. As such Scott Builders is compliant with ISNetWorld and Avetta.

Below is a link highlighting our new service division that specifically caters to your industry. We invite you to look through the information and gallery provided.

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    Service & Maintenance
Your facility requires regular maintenance & service to keep it running smoothly. Scott Builders is geared to help with their one stop shop for all of your building maintenance needs.

By investing in your facility you will:
  • Save money on operating costs
  • Extend the life of your building
  • Eliminate costly emergency repairs
  • Improve or maintain employee productivity
  • Eliminate the stress and overhead

Our program is completely customizable to suit your needs and budgets.

Below is a link highlighting our new service division that specifically caters to your industry. We invite you to look through the information and gallery provided.

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    Choosing the Target Price and the Right Product Early

For 40 years, Scott have provided clients with a responsive in-house design service that is unique to the Industry. Most importantly, it has enabled the company to collaborate with Owners EARLY, in the establishment of project criteria and reduced response time in developing a reliable TARGET PRICE.

Important criteria includes a review of PRODUCT OPTIONS where agreed upon emphasis on life cycle and sustainability are combined with aesthetics and other considerations. Wall choice alone could range from, i.e. precast or tilt-up concrete construction, to factory insulated panels, acrylic coatings or masonry. This is where Scott’s experience designing and building a wide range of end uses from heavy industrial complexes to highly architectural structures and assisting clients in choosing products that optimize building performance, becomes a real benefit.

Scott have proven time and again, that with a close working relationship with each customer, they can bring their design vision to life while still maintaining a sharp focus on delivering value in every area of construction DESIGN, LABOUR, MATERIALS, and TIME.

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    Pre-construction Services

Creating great workplaces is the goal our sales, pre-construction and construction teams strive to achieve every day. The process starts early, collaborating with the client in creating low cost solutions, streamlining processes including designs with sustainable benefits. All options are on the table with a goal of achieving high standards of support in meeting cost, sustainability, quality and schedule targets.

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    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Scott is actively working with select clients in utilizing the latest in BIM to evaluate all facets of systems integration prior to and during construction. Recent projects utilizing BIM in the Red Deer area include Dow Chemical’s office facility, Trail Appliances and Nova Chemicals.

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    Sustainable Design & Construction
Scott have LEED accredited professionals in each of their three branches. In their pre-construction, value engineering work with clients they utilize custom green tools to devise the best balance between environmental and business goals. Scott are members of the Canada Green Building Council.
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    Scott’s Self-Perform Advantage
Setting the tone and pace for each project the three Scott Builder branches perform some or all of the following trades with Safety, Schedule, Quality and Cost the driving force.
  • Steel Erection
  • Concrete, including foundations and slabs
  • Tilt-Up Construction
  • Doors, Frames and hardware
  • Rough Carpentry 
  • Light demolition and clean up
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    Systems Construction

Scott is a leader in the use of systems construction. They have, since 1971, sold and erected systems produced by the Industry leader, Butler Mfg. Co.

Beyond cost and time savings, the product is sustainable, not only through the use of steel but also with a systems approach to building design and fabrication in a controlled, factory environment.

Scott’s extensive use of Systems Construction has led them to incorporate a host of different materials into their designs i.e. factory insulated wall panels, concrete precast and tilt-up construction etc., while still taking advantage of the benefits of factory produced Building System.

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