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Community Block Party Trailer a Huge Success!

The Town of High River
June 10, 2021

Good morning ladies,

I wanted to send a quick email to express my appreciation for the help you have provided and to showcase the generosity of Scott Builders. As you know, we were the grateful recipients of a trailer Scott Builders donated some years ago that we have been using to encourage and enhance Block Parties throughout High River. The trailer came at a much needed time and has been used to create lasting connections while building a sense of community.

We have recently had the opportunity to provide the trailer with a bit of a face lift. We are so excited to share with you the finished product, which we couldn’t be happier with.

On behalf of Family and Community Support Services, thank you again for your kindness, generosity and support for High River.

All the best,

Janelle Kennedy
Community Development Coach, Town of High River


Shortly after the 2013 flood in Southern Alberta, SBI created a Flood (Team) Committee who reached out to the Town of High River to see what they could do to help out. It was decided that SBI would donate a Trailer for the Town to use at Community Events. It included a BBQ and sporting equipment such as basketball net and balls; baseball gloves, bat and balls plus skipping ropes, sumo wrestling outfits, frisbees, sidewalk chalk, giant beach ball, coolers and tables.

In 2021, the trailer needed a facelift and the Town graciously included the SBI logo on the back of the unit.

Thank you Town of High River! We are so excited to hear it has been a benefit to your community.

What Our Clients Say

Thomas Horn

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    Thomas Horn

Thomas joined Scott Builders in 2014 from the accounting firm Collins Barrow LLP where his role was Manager within the Audit and Assurance team, leading and mentoring designated professional accountants in assurance, taxation and other financial engagements. He came to Scott Builders as Financial Controller and in 2020 was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. 

Thomas earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2007 and thereafter moved to Alberta to continue his career, earning his Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) designation in 2011. His previous experience with internal audit, 7 years public practice experience and continued education through the Queens University Leadership program have proven to be valuable assets.

Construction brings numerous people together and in my role, I’m involved with many of them on a number of fronts.    What is most distinctive for me is the respect the Company has from those we associate with  – clients, staff, trades and communities – and the quality of work that results from it.
I’m very proud to be part of that and excited about the future.

Michael Wood

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    Michael Wood

Mike joined Scott Builders in 2001 and brings with him over 20+ years of diversified construction expertise. He took his Carpenter Apprenticeship at SAIT from 1989-1992 and earned his Journeyman Carpenter designation in 1994.

After joining Scott Builders, Mike was in the role of Journeyman Carpenter for only a short period of time before being promoted to Site Superintendent, where he managed sites of large complex projects with excellent results. His success provided a strong background for promotion to Project Manager, and in 2018, Mike was further promoted to a senior level role of Operations Manager. In 2020, Mike became the General Manager for the Calgary Branch.

I’ve watched the Calgary Team grow and prosper through some tough times and it’s great and I’m very proud to have been part of it. The bonus has been the fine relationships we’ve been able to build through our 50 year history with our Clients. We plan to  continue growing that base at the highest level. It’s who we are!

Josh Edwards

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    Josh Edwards

Josh joined the Company as Business Development Manager-Red Deer in 2010 and was promoted to Technical Manager in 2014, where he led a select team into the Heavy Industrial Marketplace. In 2021, Josh was further promoted to Business Development Director for Scott Builders. In this role he is responsible for ensuring consistent sales processes are established and utilized across the organization. He will work closely with the Branch General Managers to develop annual sales and operating plans, and to provide a vision for establishing sales strategies and objectives for the sales team.

It’s all about the people. We shine as an organization through recognizing great people and giving them the opportunity to do great things.

Hans te Stroete

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    Hans te Stroete

Hans took on summer work with Scott while in University then joined the Company immediately on graduation. He is passionate about building and the storehouse of knowledge he’s gained over the past 36 years here at Scott Builders, place him in a unique position to help clients design and build great workplaces. As Vice-President & General Manager, he acts as a primary resource to the sales team and stays in direct contact with past and future clients on a regular basis.
It’s all about the customer – ALWAYS… and earning their unequivocal commitment to do business with us again.

Murray Cunningham

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    Murray Cunningham

Murray joined Scott Builders Inc. in 1997 immediately following his graduation from the University of Alberta, with a B.Sc. in Engineering. He began his career in the Project Management Group and progressively took on additional responsibility in Operations and Strategic Planning. He was instrumental in the development of Scott’s training and mentorship programs. In 2004, Murray became Partner and Vice President. During that time, he worked with the partners to transition the company to full employee ownership. In 2013, Murray was moved into the role of Chief Operating Officer and now to President & Chief Executive Officer.
Scott Builders has a great culture, a strong reputation, and an exciting future. We have terrific talented people and my job is to ensure they have the tools they need to deliver a great result for our clients.

Patrick Crevolin

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    Patrick Crevolin

Pat joined the Scott Builders in 2007 in the role of Project Manager. After taking on increasingly greater responsibilities and managing larger projects, he was first promoted to Operations Manager – Edmonton in 2013 before becoming General Manager of the Edmonton branch in 2019. Pat obtained his Bachelor of Science Materials Engineering Degree in 2002 from the University of Alberta. He started working in the construction industry as a design engineer before being quickly moved into the role of field engineer and later becoming a Project Manager. During his employment at Scott Builders, Pat has continued to advance his education whenever the opportunity presents itself. He has successfully completed Leadership for Safety Excellence (Alberta), the Queens University Leadership program as well as numerous other safety courses.

I love coming to work every day and helping solve problems. Construction is truly a team sport and all parties have a part to play in the ultimate solutions.

Will Woodward

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    Will Woodward

Will’s leadership is highly collaborative and respectful of our valued staff, clients and consultants. Will clearly demonstrates his commitment to each our core values of respect and integrity, safety, excellent client service and having a positive impact in our community. Will has worked with Scott Builders since 2005 in a variety of roles including: project coordinator, estimator, project manager, and the Manager of Pre-Construction most recently. Will is currently serving as the General Manager of our Red Deer Branch. Having filled a variety of roles at Scott Builders, Will has become well-versed in the many facets of our day-to-day operations. Also, Will’s background in architecture and design has contributed significantly to our ability to provide both value and high quality work for our clients.
I’m really proud of our dynamic and dedicated staff. We are committed to creating value for our clients and making a difference in our community.


A complete range of services…that build value.

Delivery Methods | Services & Capabilities

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    Special Projects
Formed in 2005 to accommodate past and future clients with a requirement of design and construction services for small to mid-size projects. In general, projects comprise of:
  • Office reconfigurations
  • Retail build-outs
  • Small building additions
  • Tenant improvements
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Building core upgrades
  • Site improvements
  • Fully Engineered Re-Roof Solutions
    – Energy efficiency upgrades
    – Metal over any existing roof
    Both eliminate leaks, add insulation values, and can be completed with minimal interruption to your business
The Special Projects Group is highly capable and trained to:
  • Mobilize quickly
  • Build with minimal documentation
  • Squeeze dollars out of tight budgets
  • Proficiently navigate occupied spaces
  • Deliver, even under tough deadlines

The Group brings the commitment and responsiveness of a small contractor with the expertise and purchasing power of a large construction company. This includes a responsive in-house design service, sustainability leadership, financial strength, building maintenance programs, and an exceptional Health & Safety Management System. Often referred internally as the “special ops” construction team, it is delivering premium results and greater value to past and new clients on a daily basis.

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    Industrial Services Division

Scott Builders’ Industrial Services Division specializes in projects that are unique or outside the traditional scope of a construction project.

Main market segments targeted by this group include (but are not limited to):

  • Mining and smelting
  • Cogen plants
  • Oil sands properties, oil refineries & upgraders
    – Bulk fuel stations
    – CNG conversions
    – Chemical plants
    – Pulp, Paper or timber mills


  • Production and processing plant
    – Food
    – Agricultural
    – Municipal water/sewer treatment facilities
  • Plant Site Maintenance

These projects tend to be remote and require a higher level of safety and quality control. As such Scott Builders is compliant with ISNetWorld and Avetta.

Below is a link highlighting our new service division that specifically caters to your industry. We invite you to look through the information and gallery provided.

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    Service & Maintenance
Your facility requires regular maintenance & service to keep it running smoothly. Scott Builders is geared to help with their one stop shop for all of your building maintenance needs.

By investing in your facility you will:
  • Save money on operating costs
  • Extend the life of your building
  • Eliminate costly emergency repairs
  • Improve or maintain employee productivity
  • Eliminate the stress and overhead

Our program is completely customizable to suit your needs and budgets.

Below is a link highlighting our new service division that specifically caters to your industry. We invite you to look through the information and gallery provided.

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    Choosing the Target Price and the Right Product Early

For 40 years, Scott have provided clients with a responsive in-house design service that is unique to the Industry. Most importantly, it has enabled the company to collaborate with Owners EARLY, in the establishment of project criteria and reduced response time in developing a reliable TARGET PRICE.

Important criteria includes a review of PRODUCT OPTIONS where agreed upon emphasis on life cycle and sustainability are combined with aesthetics and other considerations. Wall choice alone could range from, i.e. precast or tilt-up concrete construction, to factory insulated panels, acrylic coatings or masonry. This is where Scott’s experience designing and building a wide range of end uses from heavy industrial complexes to highly architectural structures and assisting clients in choosing products that optimize building performance, becomes a real benefit.

Scott have proven time and again, that with a close working relationship with each customer, they can bring their design vision to life while still maintaining a sharp focus on delivering value in every area of construction DESIGN, LABOUR, MATERIALS, and TIME.

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    Pre-construction Services

Creating great workplaces is the goal our sales, pre-construction and construction teams strive to achieve every day. The process starts early, collaborating with the client in creating low cost solutions, streamlining processes including designs with sustainable benefits. All options are on the table with a goal of achieving high standards of support in meeting cost, sustainability, quality and schedule targets.

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    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Scott is actively working with select clients in utilizing the latest in BIM to evaluate all facets of systems integration prior to and during construction. Recent projects utilizing BIM in the Red Deer area include Dow Chemical’s office facility, Trail Appliances and Nova Chemicals.

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    Sustainable Design & Construction
Scott have LEED accredited professionals in each of their three branches. In their pre-construction, value engineering work with clients they utilize custom green tools to devise the best balance between environmental and business goals. Scott are members of the Canada Green Building Council.
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    Scott’s Self-Perform Advantage
Setting the tone and pace for each project the three Scott Builder branches perform some or all of the following trades with Safety, Schedule, Quality and Cost the driving force.
  • Steel Erection
  • Concrete, including foundations and slabs
  • Tilt-Up Construction
  • Doors, Frames and hardware
  • Rough Carpentry 
  • Light demolition and clean up
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    Systems Construction

Scott is a leader in the use of systems construction. They have, since 1971, sold and erected systems produced by the Industry leader, Butler Mfg. Co.

Beyond cost and time savings, the product is sustainable, not only through the use of steel but also with a systems approach to building design and fabrication in a controlled, factory environment.

Scott’s extensive use of Systems Construction has led them to incorporate a host of different materials into their designs i.e. factory insulated wall panels, concrete precast and tilt-up construction etc., while still taking advantage of the benefits of factory produced Building System.


A complete range of services…that build value.

Delivery Methods | Services & Capabilities

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    Design | Build

Design | Build is characterized by the single point of responsibility for the project. The Design | Builder takes on both the Design and Construction services under one contract and represents the owner’s total interest.

Scott have provided comprehensive Design | Build services since 1978. With an in-house design capability and experienced pre-construction teams in each Branch, they are geared for the built-in Design | Build benefits of fast response, early comprehensive construction budgets, and the overlapping of design and construction to fast track a project.

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    Construction Management

Under a CM contract, the owner secures the services of a Construction Manager to work with his chosen design team. Benefits arise when owner, designer and contractor collaborate early in the project to achieve best practices including improved cost control and an earlier start to construction.

Scott’s Design | Build experience comes to the forefront with this method. Their years of experience working with design teams to match client expectations and protect budgets is well established.

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    Stipulated Price

This sequential Design – Bid – Build method reflects a client hiring a Design Consultant to produce documents that are competitively tendered to a given number of qualified bidders.

More often seen in certain market sectors where work is awarded in a bidding process, it requires longer lead time with design, and pre-construction input is limited.

Scott remain active in this market while maintaining a high level of sub-trade, supplier connections to assure competitiveness across their full product line, no matter which building method is chosen by the client.

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    Customizing Project Delivery

Every owner has different objectives; fast track completion, strict budget demands, transparency or a high level of involvement at every stage are a few.

Customizing a project delivery method to precisely accommodate an owner’s requirements and provide a services package that best meets their needs is something Scott Builders consistently explore with each owner.

Our goal is to best apply our knowledge and proactive construction management services to meet a project’s unique demands.

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    Construction Advisory

Planning a new building…renovating…expanding existing?

Planning or establishing feasibility of your new building can be a major undertaking and Scott have the experience and resources to help get you underway quickly and efficiently.

From a simple budget to something much more complex, their Design/Estimating teams are trained to produce project design and costing information that speaks directly to a client’s need to make an informed business decision. This Construction Advisory service also extends to cost consultants, designers, appraisers and realtors.

Scott have been providing this service for 40 + years, most often at NO COST and WITHOUT CONDITIONS. They believe the service to be integral to their Core Purpose of CREATING GREAT WORKPLACES using an open, collaborative approach that is client centric.

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